K8055 Remote Service


This service provides you with a way to monitor and/or control your K8055 card over the Internet. All you need is to create an account for this service. Afterwards you can download a tool which must be installed on your computer.

The Tool

After you enter your account details into this tool, it will start controlling your K8055 card. Now the tool will start contacting bvsystems.be periodically. Each cycle it sends all the data about your card to this site, where it is stored in a database. All you need to use the service is Internet-Access to bvsystems.be.

Although not recommended, the system can also be setup for a bidirectional communication. Doing so you can also send commands to your K8055 card, by selecting the desired outputs via the website.

Create Account

You can create an account for this service. The service is completely anonymous: no personal data must be entered. You only need to enter an account name and a password.


Security Warning

I only build this service as a technical challange for myself. You should not use this service if your K8055 card is controlling external devices. If a hacker gains access to this system, he might start controlling the devices in your home. You do not want that to happen! I am not responsable for what might happen if you do not follow this advise!


The following screenshots are showing the local tool you need to install on your computer, and the part of this website you will see after you logged in.